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Puerto Madryn Gulf Sightseeing Cruise image 1
40 €

Puerto Madryn Gulf Sightseeing Cruise

Enjoy a fascinating shore excursion at the coastal city of Puerto Madryn.

This exclusive maritime city tour through the Golfo Nuevo allows the passenger to enjoy all the splendor of the city and the surrounding natural areas.
The ship has a capacity for 375 passengers and it has 3 decks with a cafeteria and bar, tables with comfortable chairs, bathrooms and outside, a terrace with 50 chairs.

Meet at the "Comandante Luís Piedra Buena" touristic dock, located at the coast in downtown Puerto Madryn. The meeting time is one hour before the departure time.

By 1:00pm, the cruise will departure through the waters of the Golfo Nuevo (New Gulf) on the Atlantic Ocean and it will sail directly to Punta Loma, a place located within the protected area of Peninsula Valdes, 15 km from Puerto Madryn. Its peculiarity is that here you can see the only permanent colony of sea lions and you can watch cormorants and South American terns.

From this point, the cruise will start its return to Puerto Madryn traveling through the coast, where its passengers are going to be able to enjoy the various flora and fauna, the outdoor terrace and the cruise cafeteria (food or drinks are not included).
This is the best way to encounter sea lions, dolphins and cormorants in their natural habitat.

After a 3-hour sailing, the cruise will arrive to the "Luís Piedra Buena" dock in Puerto Madryn.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to travel the coast of the north Patagonia in this amazing cruise.