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Private Tour: San Isidro and Tigre Delta  image 1
143 €

Private Tour: San Isidro and Tigre Delta

Take a private personal tour of San Isidro and the Tigre Delta. The beautiful Tigre Delta is located just 25 miles (40 km) to the north of the city. It is a series of islands through which many rivers run en route to the Rio de la Plata. The houses are on stilts and they are served by supermarket boats and the children travel to school by the school boat. This tour will truly give you a wonderful sight.

You will be picked up from your hotel or ship and taken north visiting many places along the way including the Rose Gardens, the park of Memory (Parque de la Memoria) and more. You would then make your way up to San Isidro which has been settled for more than 300 years. Here, you'll visit the cathedral and the center of San Isidro.

From there, you will drive up to Tigre and take a 2-hour boat trip around the islands.The islands are totally separated from the land so there are no streets or cars. Everybody gets around by boat. There are supermarket boats, school bus boats and even garbage boats. See how all homes are on stilts so as to deal with flooding. Through the summer months many people rent holiday homes on the islands and many islands have restaurants so that people can take a break form the water sports.

After a great time sightseeing, you'll be taken back to your hotel.