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Private Shore Excursion: Punta Loma Natural Reserve image 1
70 €

Private Shore Excursion: Punta Loma Natural Reserve

Punta Loma is a reserve where we can see hairy sea lions and it is located 17 kilometers at the south of Puerto Madryn. Apart from sea lions, several types of birds, like the Rockers Cormorants, who build their nests in the cliffs over the sea, live there.

Begin your day with a pick up from your hotel or cruise ship before leaving the city heading south. Traveling along the coast, you will arrive at Punta Loma, which contains a permanent colony of sea lions and is the first natural reserve in the Province of Chubut. The purpose of its creation was to preserve and protect the only permanent colony of South American sea lions, a mammal species spread all along the Atlantic and Pacific shores in Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia.

Walk along interpretive trails with your expert guide and view the animals from the cliffs. You will stay at Punta Loma for about one hour. Nearing the end of Madryn, you find Punta Cuevas and a monument to the Tehuelche Indian. This historic site offers unique views of the whole city before making your journey back home or to the port.