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Private Salt Flats Full-Day Tour Including Colchani and Volvano Tunupa image 1
135 €

Private Salt Flats Full-Day Tour Including Colchani and Volvano Tunupa

The most complete tour you can get for a full-day in the Uyuni Salty desert including the most important attractive sites you can discover: The Train Cementery, Colchani, Island "Inka Wasi" and Volcano Tunupa.

Your private tour starts at 9:00am visiting the Train Cemetery, Uyuni's food market, the main streets and the history of each places.
Then we continue to the town of Colchani located 20km away from the town of Uyuni to visit the crafts of salt, salt processing plant and Museo de la Llama y la Sal.

5km from Colchani rests the highest and extensive “Salar” in the world with a height of 3,663 meters and an area of 12,000 km*2 approximately.
We visit the piles of salt, Salt eyes, Playa Blanca Museum by following the route of 85km in the Salt Flats.

At 11:00am we arrive to the Island "Inka Wasi" and visit beautiful Cactuses and their stunning beauty. We'll be having a vision of 360 degrees on the top of the island.

We'll stop for lunch at 12:00pm!

At 1pm we continue to the volcano Tunupa, appreciating his greatness and striking colors. 2pm we arrive to the Population of Coqueza and get to know their village, the history of it, their landscapes, flamingos and the imposing figure of the Tunupa Volcano. By 2:40pm, after visiting Coqueza, we climb the volcano in the transportation to the first viewpoint, visiting the Mummies and enjoying the grandeur of the imposing figure of the Salar. 3:30pm we continue our journey to the town of Chantani, visiting the Museum of Pots, ceramics, animals that leaves in the area and its history.

At 4pm we keep on to Tawa and back into the “Salar” where we continue our journey of 90 km to position ourselves to the best place to live and be part of a magnificent sunset. We'll be enjoying the sunset at around 6pm.

After living the colors and the experience of the salty evening, we close our day by 7pm.