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Private Oslo 6-Hour Walking Tour with Kon-Tiki Museum image 1
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Private Oslo 6-Hour Walking Tour with Kon-Tiki Museum

Discover the capital of Norway during this 6 hour tour from a different perspective! Experience a ride through the Tunnel of Light – an artistic display of color and sound which you can contemplate inside the subway in Oslo. Once you are in Nydalen, start your refreshing stroll along the river Akerselva where you will enjoy scenic landscapes, historical buildings, waterfalls and recreational area. The Bygdøy peninsula can boast with 5 museums, among which you will explore the Kon-Tiki museum which is devoted to the same-name expedition. This enjoyable walking tour will help you to relish the Norwegian nature and surely not leave you unaffected!

Together with your guide catch a subway train to Nydalen, the modern area of Oslo! The so-called ‘Tunnel of Light’ will astonish you with its beautiful play of light and color once you are inside the metro station and will make you feel as though you are travelling in space and time. Kristin Jarmund, the designer of this station, has projected it with the purpose to distract subway passengers from the daily routine with impressive sound and light patterns.

In Nydalen get ready for a picturesque walk along the shore of the river Akerselva! Admire Norwegian woodland, waterfalls and scenic nature, discover historical buildings of Oslo, fishing and swimming areas where locals enjoy their pastime. After this 1 hour stroll your guide will lead you to the bus station where you catch a bus that will transfer you to the Bygdøy peninsula.

Follow your private guide through one of the walking trails along Bygdøy peninsula until you reach the Kon-Tiki Museum that is dedicated to the world’s prominent expedition of Thor Heyerdahl, the traveler, who crossed the Pacific Ocean on the balsawood raft Kon-Tiki in 1947. All the expedition items are preserved in this museum, including artifacts, original vessels and maps.

When you finish your tour, you will go back to the city center by ferry where you will either proceed exploring the city on your own or come back to the ship.