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Private Norwegian Cultural Heritage Tour: Vigeland Park image 1
136 €

Private Norwegian Cultural Heritage Tour: Vigeland Park

Vigeland Sculpture Park is a result of one man’s artistic obsession and a lifetime of work dedicated to human nature. The park itself, with its sculptures and fountains, is like none other in the world. Each statue has a character and will tell you a story, if you let it. Your guides will help you discover the meaning and history of each element in this one of a kind open-air gallery.  After the tour is over, you may want to stay in the park a bit longer to enjoy a warm summer evening.

The unique sculpture park, located in the Western part of Oslo, appeared thanks to the work of Gustav Vigeland. The author was working over the creation of this park for his whole life. In the park, there are over 200 sculptures and sculptural groups made of granite and bronze alloy. The theme that unites all his work, is the life of a human being.

As for today, it is the biggest author sculpture park in the world, where all the works are located in the open air. Your guide will not just acquaint you with the works of the sculptor but also will narrate about the Frogner Park, part of which is the Vigeland Park.