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Private Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs, Cheese, Chocolate and Winery Day Trip from Melbourne image 1
411 €

Private Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs, Cheese, Chocolate and Winery Day Trip from Melbourne

Relax in the healing waters of the Peninsula Hot Springs, enjoy Australian wine, chocolate and cheese on this Mornington Peninsula private day trip from Melbourne for you at 6 friends.

On this day trip, you'll head to the Mornington Peninsula with the first stop being the very highest point of the peninsula. From the observation deck ‘Arthur’s seat’ you will experience the extraordinary views of the Phillip Bay and a panorama of Melbourne. Then, visit a few local wineries, located among the hills of the peninsula, covered in vineyards. The climatic conditions of the Mornington Peninsula impose a print on the wine production of the region.

Cooler than in South Australia and New South Wales, Victoria’s climate gives the local wines their original taste and aroma. From the grapes grown on the peninsula, the wineries produce interesting bright wine with a pronounced aftertaste and a delicate aroma. Upon visiting the wineries you get the opportunity to taste Victorian Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Shiraz. During the visit to the wineries, you will also be able to have lunch at a nearby restaurant or cafe

Then, travel to a cheesery, where original goats cheese from local recipes is made. After lunch and cheese, now is the best time to enjoy some strawberries and chocolate. You will then go to a strawberry farm where you will be able to taste the sweet strawberries, and in the period of time between November and April, pick the berries yourself straight from the beds.

In a small coffee shop, you can enjoy regional strawberry liqueurs, jams and various sweets, have a cup of coffee with a spectacular dessert, and enjoy the taste of fresh strawberries with chocolate. You will be able to buy and order whatever you would like to. Then in the local chocolate factory, you will be treated with a magnificent and original assortment of chocolates, lollies and desserts.

The next stop is Cape Schanck, a unique place. Awaiting you will be a stroll around the fantastically beautiful area, which has kept its original view, created by nature millions of years ago. From the observation deck, you will see the wild beach, observe the volcanic formations and admire the breathtaking view of the ocean

The final destination of the trip - hot mineral water springs out in the open. After a very mobile day, it is time to relax and experience some real pleasure. You will visit the spa center, which contains around 20 pools with healing waters of different temperatures. One of the pools is located at the very top of a hill, where a 360-degree view is available or the surrounding panoramas. You can move freely from one pool to another, changes temperatures and the concentration of the healing salts. The spa complex is suited to visitors of all ages, however, there are zones, where people only over the age of 16 can rest. This is the case to allow for people to rest from the noise, relax and forget about everything.

After the healing pools, you will make your way back to Melbourne.