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Private Hiking Adventure in El Cajas National Park image 1
74 €

Private Hiking Adventure in El Cajas National Park

You will be surprised of the beauty Ecuador has to offer. You will go to Cajas National Park which is only one hour away from the vibrant city of Cuenca. Here you will make a nice hike and the guide will explain you everything about the beautiful flora.

You will be picked up to visit El Cajas National Parks which is 70,000 acres shelter everything from cloud forest to rocky lunar landscapes, but the lakes characterize the reserve best. Most of El Cajas lies above 3,000 meters, with páramo covering most of the rugged terrain. Frost and ice above 4,000 meters try their best to deter the thriving of hardy vegetation such as the tiny quinoa tree, clinging to life higher than any other tree in the world. Look for these 200-year-old specimens tucked up against hillsides in pockets of primary forest, clothed in a green palette of mosses and ferns and fighting each other for sun- light.

You stand a good chance of seeing the wild llamas that were reintroduced to the park. The park’s other animal inhabitants, such as the bear, puma, and tigrillo, are more exclusive.