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93 €

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Private Guide Service in Belize

Want to explore Belize like a Belizean? Have any questions as to what you are looking for or where you are in Belize?

Book your personal, knowledgeable and trusted local guide who can help you experience Belize like a local, but at your own pace. Who better than a local to show where to get the best safe local experience.

Book your personal guide for a day or for as long as your vacation lasts in Belize.

Do you want to look, taste, live and enjoy Belize in a safe and relaxed manner at your own schedule?
A local guide will be with you all the time guiding you and explaining you where you, what monuments you are seeing or if you want to taste special recommended food, let your guide will be able to advice you.

He or she will be ready to help you experience Belize in a more personal manner and at your own pace and schedule.
Get to know Belize how you want it! Love it and make the most of it. One guide for a day, or 2 or even all during your vacation. Your car, your schedule our guide. Guiding Fee: per day & per group.