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Private Full-Day Tour to Cochasqui, Otavalo and Peguche form Quito image 1
202 €

Private Full-Day Tour to Cochasqui, Otavalo and Peguche form Quito

Located about 50km from North Quito, is the Archaeological site of Cochasqui. The complex consists of several pyramids, built between 850 B.C. and 1 550 D.C. They are the legacy of the pre-Inca culture of Quitu-Cara. Otavalo, located in the province Imbabura, is home to the famous Indigenous craft market held in Plaza de los Ponchos. And finally, 3km from Otavalo, through the forest of eucalyptus, a path leads to the18m high waterfall Peguche.

The tour starts with a pickup at your hotel. From here we departure to the northern province of Imbabura.

The first stop is at the Cochasqui Archeological site to visit the Museum of Quitu-Cara pre-Inca culture, where we can find 15 pyramids! We will do a walking excursion in the site to know more about the ceremonial pyramids and traditions. 

The we will transfer to Otavalo town, where we will visit the world famous indigenous market! We will walk around the market, where you will find a lot of colorful handicrafts and art products made by local indigenous artists. Here you will have time for lunch (not included).

After Otavalo we will transfer to the Peguche Waterfall , which is located around 3km from the town of Otavalo.

The tour finishes with a transfer to Quito and the return to your hotel.