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Private Full-Day Tour of Quito and Middle of the World image 1
191 €

Private Full-Day Tour of Quito and Middle of the World

Enjoy a private tour of Quito and the Middle of the World in one day!

After your hotel pickup walk through historic center of Quito, which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage, where you can see many beautiful churches, squares and monasteries, narrow cobbled streets, surrounded by heritage houses, which allow us for a moment, go back to colonial times.

A few minutes’ walk from historical center is located El Panecillo, where main attraction is the Virgen of Quito, from here you can enjoy panoramic view of the city. 

Later in the afternoon we will continue to the Middle of the World. You will visit an Inti-Nan Museum with the expositions of cultures from all over the Ecuador and you can experience some experiments as equatorial line(0*0'0'') passes through this museum. 

This tour finishes with the return to your hotel.