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Private Day Tour to Cajas National Park from Cuenca image 1
130 €

Private Day Tour to Cajas National Park from Cuenca

During this tour we will explore the Cajas National Park recognized as World Biosphere. This place gives us spectacular landscapes of the Andean paramo where we can go to one of its most important lagoons known as the Laguna de Llaviuco.

Within the park there are 232 lagoons, which regulate and preserve the rivers in the area. Throughout the journey we appreciate the ecosystem of the moor and we will begin our adventure by visiting the first lagoon area Llaviuco. On the way there we observe how the people of this area live in the charming landscapes of Massif Cajas. We will have a moderate hike that will take us two to three hours where we will observe the flora and fauna of the moor andobserve the streams of these lovely lakes.

Llaviuco is considered the best place in the National Park where you can see birds. This high forest is in excellent condition, allowing easily to find species like the Andean toucan Pechigris (Andigena hypoglauca), the Andean Guan (Penelope montagnii) the Masked Trogon (masked trogon), The Magpie Turquoise (Cyanolyca turcosa) and many more.

Then we continue our journey towards the Laguna Toreadora. We will visit the Interpretation Center, then take a hike along the trail where we will see different species of plants such as bromeliads, gentians, polylepis and fauna like the white-tailed deer, moorland rabbits, the mountain tapir among other native animals.

The tour ends with your drop-off at your hotel in Cuenca.