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Private Cuenca Half-Day City Tour Including Mirador de Turi image 1
48 €

Private Cuenca Half-Day City Tour Including Mirador de Turi

Cuenca is a beautiful charming city in Ecuador. It is also well known as the Colonial city. This because you can find numerous colonial buildings. The city is also declared as a Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

You will stroll around this charming colonial city, declared a Cultural Heritage site of Mankind by the UNESCO!

The city gets familiar with its colonial buildings with beautifully decorated patios; it's nice and gentle inhabitants and the cozy atmosphere.
The trip up to Mirador de Turi is one of the most popular excursions in Cuenca. Turi is located in the perfect place to bask in the breathtaking panorama of the entire city of Cuenca. Mirador means "lookout" or "viewpoint"; "Turi" means "brother" in Quechua, the language of the pre-colonial indigenous people of the same name.
Near the city center you will also visit a Panama hat fabric. These hats, made of the local 'Paja Toquilla' palm leaves, are originally Ecuadorian hats and Cuenca is one of the main cities exporting this worldwide known product.