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Private Argentinian Iguazú Falls image 1
123 €

Private Argentinian Iguazú Falls

Come visit one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Iguazú Falls. See natural beauty with this system of waterfalls that spread between Argentina and Brazil. During this 8-hour guided tour you will visit the park on the Argentinian side, walking its two main circuits of trails and platforms.

The Argentinian side of The National Park was created in 1934 and declared Humanity World Patrimony in 1984. Most of the small falls are located in the Argentinean territory. It's almost 85% of the total surface of the Falls Complex. Visit the lower and upper circuits of trails by the falls, half of them by walking and the other half in a very nice non-contaminant gas train.

The astonishing view of the Devil Throat awaits to be seen. The Iguazú National Park passed the approval of the International Handicap Standards and visitors in need will be provided with all amenities and services after walking in the main entrance. This tour includes pickup and drop-off from select destinations, but does not include the entrance fee to the National Park.