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Private Aboriginal Cultural Experience in Sydney with Guide

Spend the day exploring the Indigenous culture on Sydney's Shores. Learn the history and great significance of the Sydney area from one of Sydney’s most respected Aboriginal Elder. Feel connected to place, learn the significance of the land and the importance of caring for country.

Aboriginal guides demonstrate how Sydney continues to weave Aboriginal culture into it’s modern, built up environment. Discover how to experience contemporary Aboriginal society right in the heart of cosmopolitan Sydney today. Learn about the authentic history of the Aboriginal people’s saltwater heritage within Sydney Harbour, their land and water use and their spiritual connection to the adjoining waterways and foreshores.

Your host for the day will pick you up from your Sydney metro accommodation in a comfortable, air conditioned luxury vehicle at 9am.

Your Sydney Aboriginal Tour will begin with a traditional  ‘Welcome To Country’ ceremony on a sacred piece of land overlooking Sydney Harbour. Acknowledge Grandfather Sun and experience the Aboriginal custom of gratitude for the land and the sun rising.

See historic rock engraving and sacred dream time sights hidden all around Sydney. Journey across Sydney Harbour Bridge and into now developed suburbs to learn how Aboriginal people lived not so long ago and how they maintain their cultural connection today. Most importantly, on your Sydney Aboriginal Tour you will learn how to travel through the country with deep respect and acknowledgement for its Aboriginal people, their history and spirituality.

Lunch will be cooked by an Aboriginal chef at one of Sydneys Indigenous run cafes. Taste and learn about Aboriginal flavors in a selection of traditional and modern dishes. 

Notice the energy shift after the day – this experience will mean you’ve paid respect and acknowledged the ancient custodians of this land and now you are free to travel, enjoy, and indulge in Australia openly. Watch how possibilities and opportunities open around you. After this full experience, you will be dropped back off at your hotel in Sydney.