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Port Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary and Ships Graveyard Stand Up Paddle Board Tour image 1
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Port Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary and Ships Graveyard Stand Up Paddle Board Tour

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is all the rage. Come try it at the Dolphin Sanctuary and Ships Graveyard. Your guide will lead you through the basic skills of this fun activity and then take you on a tour of this spectacular environment.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is all the rage. Come and "Surf the Mangroves" and spend some time in the "Green Room!" The calm waters around Garden Island in the sensational Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is the best location for calm water paddling in Adelaide.

Be introduced to the basics of Standup Paddle Boarding, the foundation skills, water safety and awareness that will open a new world of activity and adventure. Then, "Surf the Mangroves" and spend time in "The Green Room"...around Garden Island are the largest mangrove forests in southern Australia and you will get a great work out traveling down one of the spectacular creeks. Here you will need to employ and further develop your agility on the SUP board as you weave you way under the beautiful green canopy of the trees

This is a perfect activity to share with your family or friends. Exploring this sensational area by SUP is the most environmentally sensitive way to view the incredible Port River Dolphins who usually make an appearance.

This tour is the best way to trial Stand Up Paddle boarding and includes an on water safety and skills lesson lead by one of the friendly and fully qualified instructors. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is an easy activity to get into and with the advice of your instructors you will develop the best techniques, avoid bad habits and become aware of critical safety issues. Quality boards, paddles and PFD's are supplied.

Activities focus on individual safety and comfortable paddling in calm waters. There is a great deal to learn at this level, the activities concentrate on personal progress and an awareness of the need for future learning. You will leave the course encouraged to continue learning and search for new paddling adventures.