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Plovdiv: Wine Tasting Workshop image 1
49 €

Plovdiv: Wine Tasting Workshop

Create a wine at your taste with a Bulgarian native variety Mavrud and an international grape Cabernet Sauvignon.
All guests have the opportunity to bottle, cap, capsulate and label their very own wine blend. Make your very own wine!

In the team game your wine host will present a series of wines to deduce the identity of and mix them together to make your unique wine blend. This provides a focus for the guests and ample opportunity to collaborate and interact while representing the different stages of the wine making process.

The wine tasting experience is fun and a creative way of learning about wine with a refreshing approach!

It is entertaining and good fun, pitched at a level that ensures all the guests learn something new about wine and, most importantly, have a great time doing so.

Participants put their acquired knowledge into practice and all guests have the opportunity to bottle, cap, capsule and label their very own wine blend. 

This is what you can expect of your day:
A fun and increasingly popular way to learn about wine!
Tackle that restaurant wine list!
Learn how to taste & sniff like a pro!
Make your very own wine!
Impress your friends and colleagues!
Break out of your wine drinking rut!
Have fun!