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Plovdiv Private Sightseeing Tour

Take a tour in the European Capital of Culture 2019 - Plovdiv. The city is one of the oldest, continuously inhabited settlements in Europe, which has witnessed the rise and fall of many civilizations. Nowadays, Plovdiv is the second biggest city in Bulgaria and combines the contemporary spirit of a modern, vibrant city with spectacular monuments of the ancient times, such as the Roman Stadium, and the Roman Odeon.

Bulgaria is a crossroad between Europe and Asia, and as such, it is a rich and diverse cultural melting pot. Music, dance, folklore, festivals, cuisine and traditions that are still vivid in the 21st century – it all adds up to a lifestyle filled with the unique historical spirit of this country. 

You will visit the Roman stadium and the Odeon, the ancient theater which was constructed in the beginning of the 2nd century during the rule of Emperor Trajan. It is extremely well-preserved.  You will walk through the narrow, cobbled streets of the Old Town - a small oasis of the 19th century, where wealthy merchants started building these architecturally unique houses as large as royal palaces. You will see the early Christian Basilica of Philippopolis - one of the most distinctive landmarks of Plovdiv. You will visit the Hindlyan House and the archaeological complex dating back to the 6th century BC - Nebet Tepe. At Bakalov House you will learn about the traditional Bulgarian crafts.

Your guide will meet you and drop you off at any point in Plovdiv convenient to you.