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Plovdiv: Mavrud Story Wine and Food Tasting

When tasting a wine, there is nothing more frustrating than the desperately searching for words to describe it! All about Mavrud, 1 variety, 3 colors, five tastes and a history. Learn gently the Mavrud tasting vocabulary. Become a pro ... in the restaurant with your friends.

This is some of the things that you will learn about Mavrud during your wine tasting experience:

Mavrud white: 
The white Mavrud is an undisputed pearl in the crown of this series. Product from the red mavrud variety through a technology for white wines. It has the intensive aromas of mavrud and the delicate structure which is typical for the white wines. It has a sparkling color with straw yellow hues. Delicate hints of pear and quince could be perceived in the aromas and the tender oil nuances and the juicy green apple in the taste leave a long memory.

Mavrud rose:
The color is nice pink with onion hues.  The delicate aroma of strawberry, cherry and rose. A light and elegant body and fresh after taste.

Mavrud fruity:
The wine has a beautiful ruby red color. The aromas is spicy and fruity. Blackberries, pepper, hip jam. A middle body fresh with tight tannin and warming end.

Mavrud oaked:
The wine has a beautiful ruby color. Attractive varietal aromas of chocolate. Hip jam with hints of vanilla. Mavrud has an aging potential.

Mavrud sweet:
It is a naturally sweet mavrud wine. The mavrud is dried up before vinification but in this case for a period of four months after the grape is almost entirely raisined. Exceptional ink color. Juicy and attractive aromas with a revealed spicy character. Blackcurrant, blackberry, blackcherry, peppermint, walnut leaves, tea, earthy shades. Powerful suede tannin in the body. Remarkable contrast between dryness and sweetness of the taste and excellent noble end. Wine with character and potential.

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