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Perth Whale-Watching Cruise from Hillarys Boat Harbour image 1
54 €

Perth Whale-Watching Cruise from Hillarys Boat Harbour

Spot humpback and southern right whales at play on a Perth whale-watching cruise. From Hillarys Boat Harbour this whale-watching cruise will take you into the open waters of the Indian Ocean in search of whales. Whale watch vessels allows unobstructed views from the large open deck and spacious bow area, offering the best possible viewing platform. With record numbers of whales due to pass along the Western Australian coastline this migration season, there are sure to be plenty of sightings and great photo opportunities!

Experience one of nature’s greatest migrations on a whale-watching cruise from Hillarys Boat Harbour. During the months from September to December, Perth’s coastline becomes a playground for these gentle giants of the sea as they take a rest-stop on their epic journey back to Antarctica from the warm breading grounds on the North Kimberley coast.

Make your way to Hillarys Boat Harbour and be welcomed aboard by the friendly crew. Listen to a safety briefing, introductions and the plan for the day. Your crew are passionate about the marine environment and will make your day a lot of fun sharing some informative and quirky facts about whales along the way.

From the large open deck and spacious bow you’ll have the opportunity to spot whales breaching, tail-slapping and spy-hopping. You will be almost at water level to see the whales in action. 

You are welcome to bring along picnic-style food or a small platter of nibbles for you and your friends to enjoy on the cruise. A small range of snacks are available for purchase on board as well as soft drinks and plenty of drinking water is provided