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Perth Nightscapes Masterclass Photography Workshop

Join master instructor and CEO Luke on his Australian masterclass for a wonderful evening in the stunning lights of Perth - learning how to capture those city lights photos that will make everyone say "wow!"

The most eye-catching images, the photos that make people stop and say “wow” are usually those beautifully lit, stunning landscape photographs taken at night. This signature workshop takes the mystery out of those beautiful photographs and amazingly lit images. Luke will be taking the regular night photography workshop and turning it into a Masterclass - showing you more advanced techniques and assisting you with advanced composition with his expert guidance.

You do not need to be well versed in using your camera, Luke will assist you so that you are comfortable with the settings and ready to go when the fireworks begin! This workshop is for the person who wants to take exceptional photographs in low light situations and capture those amazing starry night landscapes that you only see in magazines or on postcards. Learning the difference between a happy-snap and a photograph, you will learn the settings on your camera to ensure that you never miss capturing amazing fireworks shows, colorful cityscapes and glowing light patterns that can only be witnessed and appreciated at night.

This three-hour specialized workshop includes correct use of light and color, composition and framing of your image, identifying the key focus in your landscape, balancing your image, finding the right angle and perspective and ensuring that the your low-light photograph is still picture perfect. A tripod is required for this workshop. Your guide also recommends that you bring a jacket, umbrella (just in case) and a remote trigger if possible. Please note: you must bring your own camera.