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102 €

Perth Jetpack or Flyboard Experience

Have you ever dreamed of flying through the air, hovering high above the world below? Enjoy this 30-minute jetpack or flyboard experience in Rockingham, a short 40 minute self drive from Perth CBD. Your professional instructor will be there with you along the way as you're propelled by a water jet gaining heights of approximately 10 meters. This thrilling experience is one you won't want to miss!

Located approximately 40 minutes self-drive from Perth, meet your instructor at the beach where you will begin your experience. You will be given a brief safety overview and an introduction to the equipment by your certified instructor.

Then, learn how to safely operate your water-propelled jetpack or flyboard, powered by a 180 horsepower Yamaha Jet ski. The Aerial device is propelled by a water jet connected to Jetski (PWC). This provides underwater propulsion and flights of up to 10 meters high for the rider. Before take off you’ll have time to get to know the instructor who will guide you through your flight with a one way microphone. Your instructions will come through the headset in your helmet.

Your assistant will escort you into the water where you will begin your flight. The instructor will start the Jet ski and will control the throttle during the flight but you will have complete control of your flight manoeuvres. Your instructor will assist you to complete a number of different manoeuvres depending on your abilities including turns, hovering, walking on water and even a speed run. Then, enjoy the amazing sensation of flight, powered solely by your jetpack, as you soar into the air then land safely in the water.

Your flight will be monitored by your instructor throughout, and your assistant will be there to help you while you are in the water.