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Perth Cooking Classes

Situated in a leafy neighborhood, on the south side of the Swan river in Perth, this cooking school has been offering fun cooking classes to the public since 1997. Walking into the kitchen you are not just entering a teaching arena but a complete experience for the senses and soul. The sights, sounds and smells along with the energy of the professional facilitators and other participants will give you a tingle of anticipation. These 3-hour interactive cooking classes are designed to inspire and will give you plenty of ideas and confidence to take your cooking to the next level.

Spanish Tapas
As the sun sets, friends meet at bars enjoying conversations, a few drinks and eating snacks brimming with flavor. This is part of Spain’s ancient cultural heritage. Discover how to create a multitude of delicious savory dishes using classic Spanish ingredients, in the appealing Tapas, small-plate style. The class concludes with crisp sugar-crusted Churros dipped in luxurious Hot Chocolate. This style of dining suits Perth’s climate and relaxed way of life, it also allows us to experience a variety of dishes and an array of flavors and textures. Invite Spain into your kitchen and give family and friends a treat, use dishes as part of a weekend dinner or spread little plates on your table for everyone to enjoy when next entertaining.

Intoxicating Thai
Make a green curry paste from scratch to ensure a dish to make your taste buds sing. By experiencing this especially designed menu over 3-hours in the kitchen, you’ll cover authentic skills, methods and techniques. Learn about commonly used Thai ingredients and where to shop for them. Your confidence will grow when you discover the purpose of each ingredient in the finished dish. Attending a hands on class will also provide the opportunity to improve knife skills, which are all important to this style of cooking. This class is high energy which reflects the nature and flavors of Thai cooking. This class is guaranteed to inspire you to include Thai food in your regular repertoire. Each dish is outstanding.