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26 €

Perth City Secrets Foodie Adventure

Discover the hidden world of Perth's amazing food and culture on this 3 hour food tour of some of the inner city's best kept secrets. Hosted by an expert local guide, you'll uncover special local delicacies and out-of-the-way backstreet bars, learn about the rich cultural history of the area and marvel at spectacular street art. There's Asian street food, Italian pastries, local craft beer, artisan chocolate and more - a whole world of amazing taste sensations available in the one city exploration adventure! 

Meet your guide in the exciting inner city dining & entertainment precinct of Northbridge and begin your taste bud tingling tour of the city's hidden delights. Forget 

Previously an area with a less-than-stellar reputation, you'll experience first hand Northbridge's recent blossoming into a thriving, cosmopolitan urban hub. You'll try fantastic coffee (something which Perth takes VERY seriously) and awesome toasted sandwiches, nibble on amazing Peking duck pancakes, check out super cool street art (did you know that Perth was ranked at the 4th best city in the world for it?), learn about the impact of the Italian immigrant community and browse through a historic Greek supermarket/deli.

Crossing over into the CBD, things only get better! Learn about and taste some delicious, authentic Banh Mi (Vietnam's most popular street food) followed by some show-stopping artisan chocolate creations. Finally, there's a tour through the beautiful, historic Treasury Building (home to some of the city's most exciting restaurants) and visit an award winning craft beer bar where you'll be welcome to stay on at as long as you desire after the tour concludes.