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32 €

Oslo Traditional Thursday

The Oslo Tour is happy to introduce one of the most important traditions in Norway.  This short tour takes place at a legendary restaurant in Oslo.

Get ready to try one of the most traditional Nordic dishes in Oslo.

Our idea is simple: We love traditional food, good beer and a nice and funny guide in one. We take you and your family to a local cuisine and its meaning of good food.


By the end of the tour we will provide one of the most rare traditional desserts in Norway.

Note: In order to get the whole package you ve to pay the 2th part of the deposit upfront. 490 kr. This includes all the drinks and food. If you do not drink alcohol, the price is cheaper. Contact us once you have done the booking in order to know if you will be tasting alcohol.


This Thursday tour or Raspeball day tour, also known in some areas as klubb, kumle, komle, kompe or potetball is a potato dumpling, a traditional Norwegian dish. 

This dish is more common in the southern part of Norway as "Kompe", In the western part as " Raspeball" and in the middle part as "Klubb". This dish is served with salted lamb, evanger pølser ( lamb sausage ) and a carrot and sweet potato mashed.

However you call it this dish is so good and tasty that every Thursday the local kitchen is full all day.

The operator is lucky enough to have a special table for friends and be ready to have a great taste of real Norwegian food.

After enjoying a good meal, you will then continue your journey into a pub/bar that on the old times it use to be a " Mason bar". At this bar you will be tasting Scandinavian beer.

By the end of this tour you will end up by having a very local an unique dessert that has its origins in a place called " Moss".
(Please note: in the event of low season you may try a different bar)

Give yourself a chance an join locals on this Thursday and be ready to take home one of the most traditional taste of good Norwegian food.