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Norwegian Fjords Tour Including Professional Photos in Tromso image 1
124 €

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Norwegian Fjords Tour Including Professional Photos in Tromso

While in the warmth of the car, you will get to experience the beautiful arctic landscape and you will also have the possibility to stop at any requested place for gazing and taking photos.  

If white sandy beaches, mountains that resemble trolls or the open sea sound like something interesting and fun in your book, this is the tour  that will take you there. It is also a more private tour, with small groups of up to eight people and possible encounters with reindeer. The guide and driver of the tour is also an experienced photographer, so professional photos taken during the tour will be free of charge and sent to you via email or Facebook. Tours will start and end at the location of your hotel.

The tour includes hot drinks, snacks, grilled sausages, thermal suites, tripods, a warm fire and free WI-FI.