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Northern Lights Observation from Svolvær image 1
104 €

Northern Lights Observation from Svolvær

The perfect tour for Aurora lovers. This is a very quiet excursion perfect for those who want to “observe” the Northern Lights and take good pictures with the help of our guide.

This excursion is for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the Northern Lights without stress. We will drive you to the nice and picturesque village of Kabelvåg. Kabelvåg is a perfect place for a good observation because of its particular position. In this lovely place there is also a very old and typical Norwegian pub where we will warm up during our waiting, enjoying a Norwegian coffee and a good atmosphere.

English speaking guide at your disposal. Other languages on request.

Warm drinks and typical Norwegian biscuits during the whole excursion.

The tour can be cancelled in case of bad weather conditions or when the solar activity is too low to ensure a good observation. 

The symbols of the Aurora Borealis were found on the Shamans’ drums of the Sami population. In their language, the phenomenon has many different names, for example, Sami traditionally associate the Aurora Borealis with sounds. During the Viking era, the Aurora Borealis were thought to be the armour of the Valkyrie, the virgin warriors, which gave off the strange sparkling light.

We like to call it “The Rainbow of the Night” because sometimes the lights appear all at once, dancing through the sky in shades of purple, orange, green and red.

The Aurora Borealis is always different, and to see it is an exciting, magical moment.With the excursion we propose, you’ll become spectators of one of the most incredible phenomenon of our planet.

During our safari, we will walk among silent forests, frozen lakes and old fishing hamlets. We will try to find the best spots to admire the “Queen”, the Aurora Borealis and, depending on the solar activity, we will choose the right place and point of observation. That is why we call this excursion “observing the lights”. The excursion itself will be an enchanting experience and when your desire to observe the inspiring northern lights is fulfilled, you will understand why the aurora, nordlys in norwegian, is considered the most incredible natural phenomenon you can experience.

The Aurora Borealis can be observed in the period from October through to March.