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131 €

Northern Lights Cruise from Tromso

Trade in Tromsø's city lights for the Northern Lights. At least for a few hours. This 4-hour tour gives you a front row seat for nature’s most spectacular light show. Put on some warm clothes and board a comfortable boat carrying you to the best spot for viewing the lights. Munch on Arctic tapas dishes washed down by refreshing beverages and listen to the guide regale the group with stories about the local Sami myths and how they related to the Northern Lights.

Medieval Europeans thought the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, were a sign from God. The Vikings considered them female spear-carrying warriors on horseback whose armor flickers with light, thus creating the spectacular light show. Today, we now know more about what the Northern Lights really are. And this 4-hour guided trip not only offers a scientific explanation but gives you an up-close view of this incredible natural phenomenon. The Aurora Borealis should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Make your own way to the prearranged meeting point in Tromsø for the coach transfer to the boat. During your comfortable transfer, watch a fascinating video about the seemingly magical light show

On arrival at the cruise departure point, hop aboard the boat. Then, find yourself a comfortable spot and snack on Arctic tapas made with local and seasonal ingredients. Dishes might include reindeer or lamb, fish soup or smoked fish. Drink warm beverages or opt for beer or wine (own expense) while your guide speaks about the local legends and how they relate to the Northern Lights.

Using the most up-to-date meteorological data, the boat finds the best spot for viewing the lights. With luck, you might catch a display. Sightings can never be guaranteed, but the minimal light pollution will boost your chances of seeing the lights.

After roughly four hours, arrive back at the original start point where your tour concludes.

Please note: Due to unpredictable weather conditions, daylight hours and other seasonable changes, the order of activities as described above may be subject to change on the day of your tour.