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40 €

Multicultural Brussels Tour

Welcome in Brussels, one of the most multicultural cities of the world! We, the people of Brussels, call ourselves 'Zinnekes' which means street dogs ... Don't worry, for us it's a title of honor. I will explain to you why during our tour. So join me and become a Brussels street dog, a Zinneke! The tour will take place on both sides of the city canal. First we will visit Old-Molenbeek. The neighborhood is really one the off the beaten track parts of the city. We'll go to the old Industrial heart of Brussels, now the place where you can meet 140 nationalities and feel the Norh-African heartbeat. I'll tell you all the stories about it, the good and the bad. It surely is the neighborhood of the future, full of new opportunities. During our visit in Molenbeek, we will have a stop in a Maroccan teahouse. Very unique local experience ! Then we will jump to the other side of the canal, where we will discover a whole other atmosphere. The old harbor around Saint-Cathérine. The most yummy neighborhood in town, full of authentic pubs, delicious restaurants, original little shops and much more. I will show you all my favorite hidden gems. When you think of Belgium, you also think of the beer, right? We'll visit one of my favorite local pubs and taste a great Belgian beer. Join me for an awesome tour and let me know if you have any special requests!