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Morning or Afternoon Gold Coast Whale Watching Cruise image 1
67 €

Morning or Afternoon Gold Coast Whale Watching Cruise

Cruise aboard a luxury, high-speed catamaran for 2.5 hours of seasonal whale watching with experts from the Gold Coast. Witness the annual humpback whale migration from June through October aboard a boat that takes off from Mariners Cove Marina. A marine biologist explains all the action you see. Enjoy morning or afternoon tea, depending on your selected time.

At Mariner's Cove Marina on the Gold Coast, board a luxurious high-speed catamaran. Find a spot on one of the boat’s five viewing platforms, and enjoy scenic views of the Gold Coast city skyline. In just a few minutes the cat speeds past the oceanfront suburb of Surfers Paradise into the open water.

Morning or afternoon tea is served as you head out in search of migrating humpback whales. The mighty mammals swim, feed and frolic along Queensland’s coastline from June through October during their annual migration from the icy waters of Antarctica.

You’ll hear informative commentary by an eco-team, including a marine biologist, as you spot marine life such as sea turtles, dolphins and sea eagles. Unobstructed views of the whales offer plenty of photo opportunities to catch the tail slaps, pectoral waves and breaches of these gentle giants while you learn about their playful and inquisitive nature.

Drinks at the cash bar and professional photos of whales seen on the tour are available for purchase before your 2.5-hour cruise ends at Mariners Cove Marina.