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136 €

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Midnight Sun Sail

Epic fjords, midnight sun and an unforgettable cruise onboard our luxurious catamaran. The golden moments created will instill life long memories regardless of whether you are sailing with your friends or coming solo.

Pukka Travels’ Midnight Sun Sail is the perfect place to get inspired by the North.

Time: Daily 22:00-01:00

Season: May-July

Price: Adult 1250 NOK, Child (0-12 years): 625 NOK

The Arctic is a magical place during the time of the ‘Midnight Sun’ which happens from May-July. During this time, the abundance of sunlight creates powerful, golden moments allowing nature & wildlife to thrive.

Time gets lost, and inspiration sores fostering an environment to create these special memories throughout the entire day. With maximum capacity of 12 we provide a personalized and intimate environment for our guests that come sailing with us.

When this far in the Arctic the midnight sun is a must, we believe there is no better way than a magical fjord cruise.