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Midnight Sun Hiking in Lofoten Islands image 1
115 €

Midnight Sun Hiking in Lofoten Islands

With this excursion our hikers will have the opportunity to combine the passion for hiking with the beauty of the sun that never sets.
This trek takes place in the Atlantic side of Lofoten islands where the sun shows itself in all its beauty and splendor.
It will be an unique experience to walk along a white sand beach accompanied by the sound of the waves of the ocean, warmed by the tepid rays of a sun that, in this part of the world, never stops shining.

Our guide lets you discover the best places where the midnight sun can be observed. Guests will enjoy nature and light, night and day at the same time. In Lofoten Islands the sun never sets from May to the end of July and with this excursion you will enjoy hiking under a golden light, the Arctic summer night.
The golden light, the sun, the white sandy beaches, the blue sky, the sound of silence; hiking in Lofoten is an experience one will never forget.
Warm drinks and chocolate will be offered during the whole trip.
This is very simple hiking and it fits everybody.