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Mendoza Winery Gourmet Lunch with Wine Tasting

Mendoza has been recognized by its high quality wines and gastronomy. Many wineries offer gourmet lunches made by the some of the best chefs in the area in who make big efforts to pair food and wine and get the best marriage. Wine pairing will be one of the highlights to partake in as you enjoy your meal.

Upon your arrival to the winery, you will be seated to enjoy your 3, 4, or 5-course lunch. As your food is prepared, you will have the option to take a tour of the winery, vineyards, and cellar. Once you are done observing the area, retake your seat and enjoy your meal.

First course:
Citric quinoa, lemon cream, zuchinis marinated in olive oil, fresh green apple and ciboulette

Second course:
Spicy beef empanadas, caramelized onions, locust-bean "earth", vegetables and aromatic herbs from the orchard.
Vegetarian options: Iden with cappers empanada (cheese, tomato an basil)

Third course:
Spinach and walnut croquettes, smoked carrots cream, tomatoes and crunchy leaves.

Fourth course:
Grilled tendrerlion steak with potato croquettes, burnt onions, beets, mashed squash and romesco sauce.
Vegetarian option: pappardelle with veggies.

Fifth course:
Cucumber and melon ice cream with tomato marmalade, spicy cream crunchy mint cookie and fresh fruits.