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62 €

Melnik and Rozhen Monastery

The tour includes a visit to the medieval Rozhen monastery, situated in the Pirin mountains. Afterwards the tour continues with a walk in the picturesque town of Melnik, where you will have the chance to taste the local types of wine which is Bulgaria’s most famous export.

The smallest Bulgarian town Melnik offers an amazing scenery. The town is at the foot of a unique nature phenomena – the Melnik sand pyramids. In the year 1215, Melnik emerged as a capital of an independent feudal principality, ruled by Despot Alexis Slav. The ruins of his fortress near the town are preserved till the present days. The houses in Melnik date from the National Revival period, with their interesting and typical architecture.

The region of Melnik is famous also with its specific sort of grape. The town is the perfect place for wine tasting, and there are numerous very special wine cellars in the area, where one can learn the history of the magic drink. Rozhen Monastery is the biggest monastery in Pirin Mountains, in the southwest of Bulgaria. It’s one of the few medieval Bulgarian monasteries, well-preserved until today. The unique architecture of the monastery makes it a popular tourist destination. Enjoy this tour of the medieval Rozhen monastery, the picturesque town of Melnik and the best wines of this beautiful corner of Bulgaria.

Itinerary: This tour starts from your hotel. After a 2.5-hour transfer, we will reach the town of Melnik for a 2-hour tour. Next is a visit to famous wine cellar for some wine tasting. After lunch there is a short transfer and visitation to the Rozhen monastery (1.5 hours). Transfer back to Sofia – the tour ends at your hotel.