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Little Boat Tour - Sailing Trip in Ålesund

Experience the amazing views from the Borgundfjord while you sail in a traditional wooden boat of the class 12,5 kvm. This little boats were designed in 1929 by Chris Jensen and can only be found in Norway. You will be sailing off from the pier at the bus station, next to where the cruises dock, for about two hours. During this time, you will navigate through the entire south shore of Ålesund with its cute little islands, the astonishing view of Sunnmøre Alps and the unique beauty of the Norwegian nature. The tour captain will introduce you to the Norwegian magic of trolls and dwarfs and tell you about the interesting history of the city. If the weather is good, you might even be able to fish!

Sailing is all about one thing: the weather. If the wind is soft and gentle, we can travel long distances and may have a gust or two. If the wind is wayward and gusty, you will not travel far but you will have exciting splashes and little waves. Just as well, if there is no wind, you will certainly not go very far but we will be able to relax, play some music, drink tea and enjoy the view. 

Remember that sailboats lean and they are dependent on the wind to move. It is normal that the sails make noise and that some water splashes. Don't worry, you will learn all the details at the beginning and make sure you feel safe and comfortable. If, at any time, the weather conditions are not safe for sailing, you will immediately cancel the trip and you will be completely refunded.

Your tour captain is able to sail the boat proficiently, however, a little help won't hurt. Follow his instructions as you will have to pull a rope or two, help during boarding and remember to have fun.