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Lightweight Mobility Scooter Rental in Burgas image 1
18 €

Lightweight Mobility Scooter Rental in Burgas

Hire the best mobility scooter according to your needs. Before booking your scooter, decide where you want to go, what distances to cover, what areas to cover, whether you wish to rent a car and the selected scooter is easy to dismantle. These are the most important criteria that will help you target the right choice of a scooter in Bulgaria.

If you’re not planning on straying far from your accommodation, you plan on walking on smooth surfaces or around your holiday resort then these scooters are the perfect option as they are designed for short distances with a typical range of 10 miles on a full battery and speed to 4mph. They normally fit in a car with ease, if you plan to rent a car for your stay.

Hire the best one for your needs. The selected scooter needs to be reliable, can do the distance and the surface that you going to use it over. Should be tailored to your needs and your weight to be comfortable, just to help your holiday in Bulgaria go smoothly.