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Learn to Cook Authentic Bengali Food with a Celebrity Chef

Nahid is a vivacious and passionate chef and restauranteur who celebrates the cuisine of Bangladesh. She will welcome you into her art-filled home and then treat you to a hands-on cooking lesson of some of her favorite dishes. Nahid’s food is a fusion of her mother’s royal coastal heritage and her father's Bikrampur tradition of fine cooking. After cooking together you will enjoy the meal at her stately dining table or perhaps on her sunny terrace, weather permitting. 

This experience is a unique opportunity to learn about authentic Bangladeshi cooking, as well as the local fine art scene and the life of a celebrity chef.

You will be welcomed into Nahid’s home where she will teach you about Bangladeshi culinary traditions. Passionate about regional ingredients and cooking methods, Nahid is often featured on TV programs that highlight the cuisine of Bangladesh and will share her knowledge with you as you cook together. You will enjoy a hands-on cooking lesson in her kitchen. Nahid will teach you to prepare a 2-3 dishes and might also demonstrate how to cook a few more. You will learn about dishes such as Barisal prawn malai curry (green leafy vegetables with prawn and coconut), shorsher eelish (hilsa fish in mustard sauce), eelish pulao, eelish bhapa (steamed hilsa), chitol maacher kofta (fish balls), khasha (chittagonian broad bean dish), moogh dal (mung lentils), and peetha. 

In addition to being a chef and restauranteur, Nahid is a supporter of the local art community. Her home is beautifully decorated with the incredible works of art that she collects. This is a wonderful opportunity is learn about the local art scene as well Bengali culinary traditions.  

Please note, this is not a cooking class in a professional kitchen, rather this experience is a visit into an authentic, local home to meet a local person and share the culture and cuisine together.