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Land and Sea: DUCK  Amphibious Tour of Cairns image 1
26 €

Land and Sea: DUCK Amphibious Tour of Cairns

Explore Cairns by land and sea in just one tour -  in the amphibious vessel Ride the Croc. You’ll drive by all the places that make Cairns the capital of the North: and as the best of Cairns unfolds before your eyes your guide will be giving you lots of little known facts and interesting insights about our unique and wonderful city. Then, the 'Big Splash' as the bus turns to boat and plunges into Trinity Inlet, Cairns Harbour. Sit back and relax as you explore the impressive tidal estuary and coastline that is Trinity Inlet, cruising the waterways while viewing the mighty mangroves, and magnificent mountains.  Explore Australia the fun way and join a Duckabout Tour.


… your adventure on the ‘Ride the Croc’, Cairns tourism vessel. You will make your way, and be greeted by your tour guide at Bus Bay 21, Pier Point Road CAIRNS (next to the lagoon pool).  Please arrive 20 mins before your departure times of 11.30, and 1.30pm daily. You will board the vessel here, and after a safety briefing you begin your 60 minute tour.


… and experience it’s historic sights and unique culture, as you tour by road through the city.  Departing from Pier Point Road, you will begin your city based tour, travelling along the beautiful Esplanade, then turning left to make our way to Trinity Inlet.  Exploring the Cairns City in the open-sided amphibious vehicle you can see the sights and feel the tropical air. 


… Your professional driver will then pause at the top of the Fearnley Street Boat Ramp, and explain the entry into the water. Without leaving your seat,‘Ride the Croc’ turns from a bus to to boat as he plunges into Cairns Harbour.  


… and enjoy the view as you explore the beautiful waters of Cairns Harbour!  A narration of Cairns accompanies your journey the whole way, as you explore the inlets and Cairns Harbour. After cruising for 30 minutes, you then exit the water.

… ‘Ride the Croc’ emerges from the water and after exploring Cairns further, drives you back to the pick up point.