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56 €

Koprivshtitsa and Starosel Tour

The tour includes a visit to the old town of Koprivshtitsa, an open-air museum. The buildings in Koprivshtitsa reflect the historical development growth of Bulgarian traditional architecture. The other stop will be the Thracian temple of Starosel, which is the oldest royal Thracian complex with a mausoleum ever discovered.

Koprivshtitsa is a small settlement, with typical Bulgarian architecture from 19th century, situated in a picturesque valley among the mountains in the central part of Bulgaria. It is a town with a special spirit, now turned into a museum, where you can feel the unique atmosphere of the Revival Period in Bulgaria. Beautiful 19th century houses, home to some of the most important Bulgarians like writers Dimcho Debelyanov and Luben Karavelov, the rebels for freedom, as well as Georgi Benkovski and Todor Kableshkov. Outstanding ethnographic treasures can be seen together with significant historical monuments: specific architecture, original furniture, old weapons, national costumes, traditional hand-crafts, precious jewellery.

Starosel is mainly known for its abundance of ancient Neolithic and Thracian remains, some dating from 5th-6th millennium BC. In antiquity, it was an important and wealthy Thracian city in the 5th century BC, as evidenced by the excavations, made in the 20th century. The largest underground temple in the Balkans, along with a mausoleum, were found under the Chetinyova Mogila. The temple, as well as the nearby Thracian king’s residence under Mount Kozi Gramadi, were likely built during the reign of Amatokos II (359-351 BC). In Starosel you can visit a popular wine cellar and try some of the best wine sorts from the Thracia region.

Itinerary: This tour starts from your hotel. After a 2-hour transfer we will reach the town of Koprivshtitsa for a 2-hour tour. Next, after a 30-minute transfer, it is time for the tour of Starosel. Visit to the ancient settlement and the Thracian temple, and participate in an optional wine tasting. Return to Sofia – the tour ends at your hotel.