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Kitesurfing Test Lesson in Nonsuch Bay image 1
68 €

Kitesurfing Test Lesson in Nonsuch Bay

This test lesson is the way to go if you ever thought about learning how to kitesurf. You'll practice flying trainer kites first on the beach and then in the water. The test lesson will have a maximum ratio of 3 students per instructor and all equipment is included in the lesson price. 

The turquoise waters of the bay are protected by an outer reef that creates flat water and benefits from consistent trade winds all year round. This provides the ideal location for learning and progressing in this activity.

The instructing team is very experienced and all certified. The most up to date equipment and latest teaching methods are used to ensure that your learning experience is the best. Kitesurfing instructors teach from dinghies so they are always in close contact with you whilst you’re on the water. This gives the most interaction between the instructor and student and increases the rate of progression.

This lesson requires no experience and introduces you to the basics of kite flying. You will start practicing with a trainer kite on the beach and then in the water. The instructor will teach you about the kite rigging, safety features, ground controls and specific drills to learn before being hooked into a power kite. The lesson gives you a safe approach to learning.