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Kayaking Along the Coast of Lofoten islands image 1
120 €

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Kayaking Along the Coast of Lofoten islands

An excursion to feed your eyes with the snowy-white crests of the waves. You’ll paddle on waters that mix and match continuously creating white sandy beaches, a wonderful gift of nature. Your eyes will be drawn towards the beauty and wonder of these lands, so extreme that they draw life from the very essence of nature. An experience that should never be missed by a true lover of kayaking.

One of our staff will take you to Henningsvær, about 25 kilometers from Svolvær, where you will meet our guide, Peter, who will teach you the secrets of kayaking and introduce you to our beautiful coastline. A break is scheduled on a small beach where you can enjoy a good hot coffee.

The tour may be cancelled if the weather conditions are not good.
This tour is suitable for everybody. Our experienced guide will be with you all the time. Safety is guaranteed.
We will provide the necessary equipment. During the trip you will stop to enjoy a warm cup of coffee.
The guide will give you all the information about the wildlife and marine ecosystem.
This excursion is a good opportunity to be in touch with the beauty of the coast.
After the excursion you will have time to take a short trip of Henningsvær, the Venice of the North.
You will have time to walk around the main road enjoying the view and the amazing old wooden buildings.