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Kayak in the Lake Pancharevo with lunch Day Trip image 1
75 €

Kayak in the Lake Pancharevo with lunch Day Trip

Enjoy a perfect day in the great outdoors of the lake Pancharevo and try kayaking!

One of the reasons to love Sofia is that it is surrounded by beautiful nature and it offers many options for day trips and escapes from the city crowd within less than an hour. The Pancharevo lake is located about 12 km from the city centre, at the end of the Pancharevo Gorge of the Iskar River, located at 600 m above sea level between the Vitosha and Lozenska mountains. In Pancharevo you can submerge in the beautiful nature, an hour or so and you will be completely restored both physically and emotionally. Around the lake there are hiking trails, several park areas with coffee shops and restaurants. Pancharevo offers plenty of opportunities for sports and recreation activities. It is suitable for sun bathing, fishing and water sports like kayaking, suitable for adults and children.

The tour starts early in the morning from your hotel. By car you will reach the Kayak Sport center at Pancharevo lake. You will recieve a life jacket and and learn how to operate the kayak from an experienced guide. You have the possibility to rent a double kayak or a single one for 1h. After, you will have a walk around the lake and go for a lunch.What you may just opt for is a lunch at a restaurant overlooking the magnificent lake. All restaurants offer cozy atmosphere and delicious Bulgarian dishes – grilled meat, homemade potatoes, fresh salads, fried fish and cold beer. After you will head back to your hotel.


          Enjoy a private tour in the beautiful lake
          Get away from the hustle and bustle
          Have a great exploring day
          See some unforgetable places
          Practice kayak sport in the great outdoors
          Bring along second pair of comfortable shoes and clothes


What's included:

Professional guide

Wi-Fi available

Kayak rent for 1h 

Not included:

         Personal expenses