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 Kangaroo Island Self-Guided Kayaking on the Harriet River image 1
26 €

Kangaroo Island Self-Guided Kayaking on the Harriet River

Kayak down the Harriet River on a relaxing and leisurely half-day excursion on Kangaroo Island. All equipment and directions are provided by experienced staff before you set out on your own on the calm waters. Enjoy up to four hours to paddle and float along the tranquil river, enjoying the scenery and looking for wildlife such as fish, birds and maybe even a koala perched in a tree. It’s the perfect kayak outing, whether you are going solo, with a friend or in a family group.

Make your own way to the office where the staff assists you to get fitted with a life jacket, paddle, backrest and kayak. When you have your gear, a staff person accompanies you to the banks of the Harriet River, located just a quarter mile (400 meters) away. The staff helps you to get set up in the boat, know where to go and watches to make sure that you get safely under way on your self-guided tour.

Enjoy a relaxing paddle down the Harriet River, a calm river with plenty of wildlife, including a wide variety of birds living on the banks of the river and fish that often jump near your boat. Keep your eyes peeled; you might even spot a koala in the trees.

Have the choice to paddle in a single or double kayak. Single kayaks are perfect for a solo journey or for paddling alongside a friend. Double kayaks feature a wider hull that provides more stability and can hold up to two adults and two small children, making it a great option for a family excursion.

You can choose from three start times from the morning to early afternoon and take up to four hours for your self-guided tour. When you return, simply haul the kayaks out onto the shore and return your life jacket, paddle and backrest to the staff in the office.