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Jacob's Creek Sensory Experience Including 2-Course Lunch image 1
54 €

Jacob's Creek Sensory Experience Including 2-Course Lunch

Taste buds can be very complex and your brain can trick you sometimes when using five senses. In this interactive workshop the Jacob's Creek staff will test your brain, challenge your taste buds with common and unusual combinations and hopefully teach you a thing or two. Join a journey with complimentary food and wine pairings. A two course lunch is included prior to the Sensory Experience. Lunch will include a shared light starter and platter style main course. You will receive one complimentary glass of Jacob’s Creek wine and tea & coffee.

Arrive at Jacob's Creek by 1:30pm and be seated by the friendly staff for lunch in the restaurant. Enjoy a two course lunch with a shared entrée of local produce, followed by a platter style main course. Each guest will receive a glass of Jacob's Creek wine and tea or coffee to finish.

Your host will greet you and take you to your sensory area. Here you will learn lots of tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your wine tasting experience. Your guide will take you through a few fun and quirky games that will test your senses, surprise and shock you.

The experience will conclude at approximately 4pm, and you are free to explore the facility at leisure. Ask your host about the beautiful walking trail, or grab a glass of wine and relax in a bean bag for the rest of the afternoon!