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Ipswich Brewery Tour from Brisbane Including 4 Hearts Brewing Co image 1
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Ipswich Brewery Tour from Brisbane Including 4 Hearts Brewing Co

Enjoy a leisurely drive through Mt Crosby, visit 4 Hearts Brewing Co - a historic craft brewery in Ipswich - where you can take a unique "stainless-steel selfie". After a leisurely lunch, whet your whistle with your choice of 4 tasters from 72 tap beer options. Your small group will experience unique flavors and a fun day out sampling new beers and supporting the local community. Are you ready to Hop On?

After pick up, begin the scenic drive through Mount Crosby, situated southwest of the Brisbane CBD. Enjoy some commentary on the local history and relax in the van during the 30-minute drive to 4 Hearts Brewing at The Pumpyard. Here you will get out and stretch your legs, then have a tour of the brewery. Located within the walls of a historic building and with glistening metallic tanks you can reach out and touch, Wade Curtis (the owner) has trademarked the “stainless steel selfie”, so grab a picture to share with your friends!

After participating in a discussion of the brewing process and sampling of some delicious local drops, head to the nearby Prince Alfred Hotel – another of Ipswich’s historical gems! With 72 unique beers on tap and a rotating list that would make any beer lover feel like they’re in heaven, you get to select your tasting paddle and we can all have a chat about what makes the beers so different.

Lunch will be served at either of the venues listed above, but no matter where you eat you will not be disappointed! All the food is fantastic, and served with a cold beer of your choice.

Once back in the city, you will be dropped off at a local pub where you can keep drinking delicious beer to your hearts’ content.

Your local operator will try and catch the brewers in action but that can’t always be guaranteed; keep an open mind on the day because no matter what or who you see, the beers are always delicious. Sometimes the itineraries will change at a whim; this may be because of traffic, a last-minute decision from the brewery or any number of things, so your local operator asks for your patience and flexibility.