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Ice fishing in the Arctic Tromso image 1
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Ice fishing in the Arctic Tromso

Ice fishing is a very popular activity in the Arctic, and is a great way to try your fishing luck. If the fish bites your heart rate will increase and it's always exciting to see what is on the hook. Ice fishing is perfect as a family activity.

Equipped with an ice drill, fishing rods and lures we go out on a frozen lake that has stocks of trout. Sometimes we need to fish on frozen sea ice and then fish for cod ( bigger fish....). When the fish bites, you won't have to worry about keeping it fresh. You can eat it for lunch. The ice fishing will be followed by hot drinks and food around a campfire, creating an authentic "wilderness feeling". We provide all necessary equipment, including thermal suits and boots, and wish you "skitt fiske", as they say in Norway.

Ice fishing takes place both on sea ice as well as freshwater ice but is reliant on it being safe to go on the ice. We drill one or more holes, where the line is dropped. We can use bait, blink, lure or jig, depending on what we are fishing for. 
The cold makes it necessary to be dressed warmly, usually with something to stand on or sit on.

09.15      Meeting time, outside Scandic Ishavshotel 
09.30       Depart Tromsø
10.20       Breivikeidet or other location (depending on ice/snow conditions) - may also be on frozen fjord (cod fishing)
                 Ice fishing, campfire, hot drinks and food
14.00       Departure 
15.00       Arrive back in Tromsø