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179 €

Hunting the Northern Lights in Tromso

Tromsø is one of the best places in the world to watch the Northern lights. As the night grows darker and longer, the phenomenon «Aurora borealis» shows itself in the sky throughout the winter in the Arctic. With is many myths, and magical superstitious powers, it has been viewed upon for decades of people from the north. If we are lucky, we can gaze at the sky with a dancing Northern light above us, as we cruise around comfortably together in our minibus. Our local guides will tell you about the light itself, help you with pictures and get you home safely.

The winter time in the Northern Norway in Tromsø is the dark season. The sun is below the horizon and the polar nights make the Northern lights shine in the sky. Hunting the lights must be well planned in relation to weather conditions, northern lights forecast and visibility. Our professional guides are always updated to prepare the tours in the best way to make a successful hunt.

You´ll meet at the Arctic Adventure Center in Storgata 78 in Tromsø. We will give you all the equipment you need like warm clothes and boots. Then we will hit the road with our minibus and start to hunt. The guides will tell you about the lights, help you to adjust the cameras and show how to use a tripod (you can borrow from us). We will spend time to find the best spot without any light pollution, serve you an expedition meal and hot drinks.