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Hot Spots on the Run (10km/15km) image 1 Hot Spots on the Run (10km/15km) image 2 Hot Spots on the Run (10km/15km) image 3 Hot Spots on the Run (10km/15km) image 4 Hot Spots on the Run (10km/15km) image 5
50 €

Hot Spots on the Run (10km/15km)

This tour combines running and sightseeing all in one! Perfect for when you want to stay active during your stay or for those who want to stick to their running schedule. Discover Antwerp's best running routes like a local! During this tour, visitors can explore Antwerp's hot spots while running. Antwerp has a lot of incredible historical buildings, as well as multiple highlights of modern architecture. Places like the MAS, Red Star Line Museum, Felix Pakhuis, Central Station, Park Spoor Noord, Het Steen etc, are all included. Feel free to bring your camera or smartphone to take some snaps during the run. Expect facts about the sights, as well as some coaching and tips and tricks. The tour is suited for both entry level and advanced runners. At a comfortable 9km/hour you will be able to enjoy the scenery while running and doing a great holiday workout. After 1,5 hours we will come back to the city center and enjoy a vegetarian lunch in Antwerp's all vegetarian restaurant 'Greenway'. Lunch and drinks are included in the price. Kid's runners pasta pesto menu: Pasta pesto Lemon-aid drink Brownie Want to run on a specific route? Let me know and I can create a personalized offer for you! I offer this tour on every day of the week except for Sundays and Mondays. Check my calender for my availability.