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Horse Riding Tour in Rhodope Mountains from Plovdiv image 1
72 €

Horse Riding Tour in Rhodope Mountains from Plovdiv

Steal a day of your busy schedule and use it just for yourself without any remorse. Mount the horse and ride along the meadows and the deciduous forests in the lower parts of the Rodopi Mountains. Relax your senses, recharge your body with the energy of these mighty mountains and enjoy one of the most ancient human pleasures, horse riding!

Route: Galabovo (Plovdiv region) – Kuklen Monastery - Galabovo
After your arrival to Galabovo, you will walk for about 10 minutes from the village to the starting point of your horse riding tour. Meet the horses and receive some brief instructions.

The beginning of the route is via meadows and oak trees. On your way you will stop by a small chapel to enjoy a wonderful view to the Thracian valley with Plovdiv, Assenovgrad and Kuklen in front. Then you will have the opportunity to trot and gallop. Thus you will reach Kuklen Monastery, which you will explore before heading back to Galabovo following another route.