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Home Cooked Mendoza: Cooking Class at a Chef's House

Spend an evening with one of Mendoza’s top chefs, learning how to cook traditional local dishes right in her home kitchen. Learn some barbecue secrets, create your own flavor of empanada, and sample local wines while learning from one of the best culinary masters in Argentina.

This is your chance to go inside a local's Mendocino home to see how they live (and eat). But we’re not talking about just any Mendocino. One of Mendoza’s most significantly creative chefs, having worked in over 10 different countries, cooking for some of the most prestigious foodies just for your tour.

Head into your host's kitchen and learn how to cook some of the tastiest and most traditional dishes in the region from the master herself.

Start with some empanadas (a traditional baked pastry) and Laura will pair wine with them. Also taste organic seasonal vegetables and pick the flavors you like best in order to create your own empanada specialty.

Next, it’s onto a true culinary classic. Every country has its own favorite recipe when it comes to barbecue menus, but in Argentina, asados are the one and only Sunday lunch. Prepare yourself to discover a completely new point of view about grilled food, barbecues, and roasted beef.

Learn every detail about the different meat cuts, and traditional local techniques to light a wood fire.

Enjoy a lesson in preparing a typical criolla salad and the classic dessert that comes after a marvelous steak. Of course, every step will be accompanied by some of the best wines of Mendoza (another local tradition).

Enjoy the secrets of a true chef’s kitchen, and taste real local food you simply can’t get anywhere else.